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 Sahand University of Technology (SUT) was established in 1989 in Tabriz, the capital of art and technology in Iran.  SUT is proud of being a campus university with integrated and sophisticated facilities. The academic activities of SUT are conducted in three campuses including Sahand Campus located in Sahand new town 25 km of Tabriz in an area of 400 hectares comprised of central management, administration, educational and research units and academic faculties, Tabriz Campus located in industrial part of Tabriz, comprised of Electronic Learning, Technology Incubation Center including spin-out companies and Open Training Center, and Varzeqan Campus, so called Varzeqan Technical College located in Varzeqan in the vicinity of Sugun copper mine located in 97 km of Tabriz, offering technology and engineering education.
SUT operates academic faculties and research institutes and centers to provide education and research activities. SUT offers over 20 BSc programs and more than 100 graduate programs of study in engineering, science and technology. More than half of students are enrolled in post-graduate courses. Our 190 outstanding mostly young academic staff along with a few thousand research associates, post-doctoral and post-graduate students conduct research in 32 research centers in various areas including Petroleum and Gas, Nanotechnology, Renewable Energy, ICT, Environment, Biotechnology, Mineral Processing, Advanced Materials, Structures, Automotive, Medical Engineering and Productivity and have been able to performing finalized or in progress research projects with an overall number of more than 400. I would like to say that SUT is proud of being the first organization to initiate the creation of self-funded demand-driven research centers being independent of the government funds. In this regard, the research activities are funded solely through one-to-one contracts with various industries and companies.
Towards the 4th generation university, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, in the framework of student team-works, empowers students with required skills. SUT has taken action by leveraging university's growth and innovation center establishing 30 spin-off technology companies, 12 of which have become knowledge-based corporations. In addition, SUT’s significant practical technology-based participation has been realized in the major national projects of oil reserve, solar power plants, biotechnology products and water purification.
Furthermore, SUT’s academic staff and students have been awarded many national and international prizes and distinctions including Energy Globe World award, Green Productivity Specialist of APO, the country top professor award in years 2010 and 2018, the country top researcher award in Years 2011 and 2017, the Iranian academy of science distinguished young researcher awards in years 2011 and 2017, membership of 7 faculty members in specialized higher education committees of the country, as well as numerous student rewards received by student teams in nation-wide science and sport competitions.
More recently, SUT appreciate international scientific collaboration via either enhancing or launching memorandum of understanding with foreign universities in order to establish the framework of admitting international students, and conducting joint research projects amongst science and technology disciplines.
Ahmard-Reza Mostafa Gharabaghi, PhD
President of Sahand University of Technology

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