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The faculty started its educational activity in 1991 in chemical engineering in the field of petrochemical engineering. The current active areas are petrochemical, food, gas and refining industries. Moreover, MSc and PhD programs are running in different backgrounds of chemical engineering.
Currently the faculty is equipped with twelve educational laboratories including heat transfer, process control, physical chemistry, food quality control, biotechnology, food microbiology, general chemistry, analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, unit operations, fluid mechanics, petroleum engineering, which provide exceptional learning services to the students. In addition to research labs and instrumental analysis, research centres of environment, reactor and catalyst, oil and gas, biotechnology and membrane have also been designed and constructed for conducting research projects and providing the high quality learning services to researchers and students.
Faculty members and Staff: 
  Name   Interests
  Ali Akbar Babaluo (PhD)
Professor of Chemical (Polymer) Engineering
- Nano Membranes
- Membrane Gas Separation Processes
- Nanocomposites
- Nanoparticles of Advanced Materials (Ceramics, Metals and etc.)
- Rheology and Chemorheology
- Polymer Gels and Networks
- Copolymers (applied in manufacturing of membranes)
- Coating
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  Jafar Sadegh Moghaddas (PhD)
Professor of Chemical Engineering
Mixing, Transport Phenomena,
Applications of silica aerogels,
Porous Media, EOR
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Reza Alizadeh (PhD)
Head of Faculty
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering Kinetic Modeling of Catalytic and Non-catalytic Gas-Solid Reactions
Catalyst and nanomaterial Preparation
Methane reforming
Metal Oxide Reduction Processes
Convective and Conductive heat Processes
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Ali Baradar Khoshfetrat (PhD)
Associate Professor of Biochemical Engineering (Tissue Engineering)
1) Animal cell culture and evaluation of cultured tissues
2) Antibiotics production and extraction
3) Biological wastewater treatment and Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP’s)
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Sirus Ebrahimi (PhD) Associate Professor of Bioprocess Engineering
- Reactive Separation Processes
- Biochemical/Bioprocess Engineering
- Industrial Microbiology
- Environmental Biotechnology
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Esmaeil Fatehifar (PhD) Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering (Environmental Engineering)
Air Pollution Control and Modeling
Pollution Dispersion in Urban and Industrial Area
Simulation and Mathematical Modeling
Environmental Engineering
Transport Phenomenon
Environmental Impact Assessment
Risk Assessment Analysis
Combustion Engineering
Productivity and Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA)
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Mohammad Haghighi (PhD)  
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering
Reaction Engineering: Catalysis and Reactor Design
Environmental Engineering: Air & Water Pollution Control and Treatment
Natural Gas Utilization
Nano materials and technology
Educational Systems & E-learning
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  Eghbal Sahraei (PhD) Associate Professor of Petroleum Engineering
- Oil Production
- Enhanced Oil Recovery
- Heat Transfer
- Environmental Engineering
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  Sirous Shafiei (PhD)
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering
Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Chemical Processes
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  Jafar Sadegh Soltan Mohammadzadeh (PhD)
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering - Application of heterogeneous catalysts in ozonation processes
- Application of ultrasound in decomposition of toxic chemicals in water
- Conversion of methane to aromatics using nano molybdenum carbide catalysts
- Dissolved Gas Floatation Reactors
- Gas Induced Reactors
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  Alireza Tabatabae Nejad (PhD)
Associate Professor of Petroleum Engineering Hydrocarbon Phase Behavior; Enhanced Oil Recovery; Gas Condensate Studies; Hydrates, Waxes and Asphaltenes Studies; Characterization of Heavy Oils; Reservoir Simulation; EOS Modeling; Transport Phenomena; Two Phase Flow.
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Reza Yegani (PhD)
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering
Membrane Fabrication and Characterization,
Membrane Bioreactor (MBR)
Microporous Mixed Matrix Membranes (MMMMs)
Bioprocess Engineering
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Somaiyeh Allahyari (PhD) Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering -Environmental Engineering
-Gas Conversion
-Novel Reactors
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Amanollah Ebadi (PhD)
Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
Catalytic Ozonation, Advanced oxidation Processes, Heterogeneous Catalytic Reactors, Adsorption Processes, , Multicomponent Separations, Petrochemical Processes
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Hoda Jafarizadeh (PhD)
Assistant Professor of Food Engineering
Edible coating and film
Food Biotechnology
Food Nanotechnology
Food Processing and Preservation
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Naimeh Jodeiri (PhD) Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering heterogeneous reaction engineering
Methane and BTEX catalytic combustion
reactor CFD modelling
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Davood Kahforoushan (PhD)
Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering (Environmental Engineering)
Air Pollution Control and Modeling
Air Monitoring Systems
Environmental Engineering
Water and Wastewater Engineering
Food Waste Recovery Techniques
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  Elnaz Khodapanah (PhD)
Assistant Professor of Petroleum Engineering
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  Hafez Maghsoudi (PhD)
Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering Membrane Separation Processes, Zeolite membrane, Gas separation, Adsorption, Modeling & Simulation
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  Hossein Nikakhtari (PhD)
Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering (Biotechnology)
Environmental Engineering; Green Energy and Biofuels; Biotechnology and Bioengineering; Water, Soil, and Air Pollution; Petrochemical processes; Modeling; Mass and Heat Transfer
  Javad Rahbar Shahrouzi (PhD)
Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
- Modeling and Simulation of Chemical Processes
- Computer Generation of Reaction Network
- Phase Equilibria Thermodynamics
- Stochastic Simulation
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Nader Rahemi (PhD) Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
- Natural Gas Conversions and Utilization (GTL Technology)
- Catalyst
- Nano Materials
- Novel Energies in Catalyst Synthesis
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Mohammad Simjoo (PhD) Assistant Professor of Petroleum Engineering - Oil and Gas Reservoir Engineering
- Enhanced and Improved Oil Recovery
- Conformance Control
- Physics and Rheology of Foam, Gel and Polymer
- Physical and Chemical Phenomena at Interface
- Visualization of Flow in Porous Media using X-ray Computed Tomography
- Geothermal Energy
- Mathematical and Numerical Modeling
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  Akram Tavakoli (PhD) Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology, Catalysis and Reactor Design, Thermodynamic
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Specialized Laboratory Facilities: 
  • Heat Transfer
  • Process Control
  • Chemical Physics
  • Set Analyses
  • Food Quality Control
  • Food Microbiology
  • General Chemistry
  • Analytic Chemistry
  • Unit Operation
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Research Lab
  • Organic Chemistry
 Research Centers:
  • Sahand Petroleum Research Center (SPRC)
  • Nanostructure Materials Research Center (NMRC)
  • Environmental Engineering Research Center (EERC)
  • Reactor and Catalysis Research Center (RCRC)
  • Biotechnology Research Center (BRC)
  • Membrane Technology Research Center
  • Transport Phenomena Research Center
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