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The faculty of civil engineering founded in 1998, with majoring in civil engineering structures.

Faculty members and Staff:
Karim Abedi (PhD)
Professor of Structural Engineering
Space Structures, Steel Structures, Finite Element Method, Structural Stability
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  Mohammad Ali Kaynejad (PhD)
Professor of Civil Engineering
Islamic and National Culture
Environmental Eng.
Islamic Art and Architecture
Islamic Architecture and Environment
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  Hasan Afshin (PhD)   Web Page
  Mohamad Reza Chenaghlou (PhD)   Web Page
Habib Hakimzadeh (PhD)
Associate Professor of Coastal Engineering
1.Flow and Sediment Transport Numerical Simulation,
2.Turbulence Modelling,
3.Water Wave Simulation,
4.Scour Hydraulics
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Ahmadreza M.Gharabaghi (PhD)
Head of Faculty
Associate Professor of Coastal Engineering Water Wave Mechanics, Sediment Transport, Coastal Structures, Offshore Platforms,
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Behzad Rafezy (PhD)
Associate Professor of Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering, Mechanics
1.Exact vibration analysis of structures
2. Performance based design methods
3. Seismic rehabilitation of existing buildings
4. Experimental studies on the static and dynamic behaviour of structures
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  Mehrdad Emami (PhD)   Web Page
  S.Morteza Mousavi (PhD)    
  Mehdi Poursha (PhD) Assistant Professor of Structural Engineering Earthquake Engineering, Dynamics of Structures, Performance-based Seismic Engineering and Enhanced Pushover Analyses, Tall Building Structures
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A total of 10 specilaized Laboratories cater for the research and instruction needs including concrete and geotechnical, structures, hydraulics, and fluids laboratories, to name a few.

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