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The Faculty of Polymer Engineering (FPE) at Sahand University of Technology (SUT) is the second faculty of its type all over the universities around the country. FPE officially opened and started to its individual activities since Aug. 23 2008 therefore is considered as a young academic unit. The history of the existing faculty goes back to 1996 when the main core of the polymer engineering was established in the faculty of chemical engineering. The first students in the field of Polymer Engineering were entered to SUT in 2005. In spite of to FPE’s age it has been able to obtain a rich reputation. FPE is now counted among the pioneering faculties at SUT in terms of publishing scientific articles contribution to international conferences performing research projects filing patents distinguished researchers and educating students. FPE admit only post graduate students master degree and Ph.D. and its educational programs in each level consists of theoretical courses and research projects as is usually done by other governmental universities in Iran. FPE is now aimed to admit students in developing branches of polymer technology such as Nanotechnology Bio compatible Polymers and also Polymerization Engineering and Paint Technology.
Institute for Polymeric Materials and Nanostructured Materials Research Center in addition to several other research laboratories equipped with appropriated instruments among the others are the research facilities at FPE to execute research programs and to follow educational schemes.
Faculty members and Staff:
Farhang Abbasi (PhD) Professor of Polymer Engineering Web Page
Behzad Pourabas (PhD)
Head of Faculty
Professor of Polymer Science and Technology Surface properties of Materials, Coatings, Nanopatterning, Nanostructured Materials, Polymer Modification
Web Page
Mir Karim Razavi (PhD) Associate Professor of Polymer Engineering Web Page
Mostafa Rezaei (PhD) Associate Professor of Polymer Engineering Engineering Properties of Polymers
Polymer Physics
Tribological Properties of Polymers and Composites
Polymeric Biomaterials
Sintering of polymers
Polymeric Foams
Web Page
Kiyumars Jalili (PhD) Assistant Professor of Polymer Engineering and Science 1. Responsive Polymer Brushes
2. Block Copolymer Self Assembly
3. Responsive Polymer Membranes and Templates
4. Nanoparticles and Nanowires
5. Tissue Engineering
6. Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamic Simulation of Polymeric Systems
7- Multiscale Modeling of Polymerization Reactions
Web Page
Mohammad Mahdavian (PhD) Assistant Professor of Surface Coatings Anticorrosion pigments
Cathodic Protection
Corrosion Engineering
Corrosion Inhibitors
Corrosion Science
Surface Chemistry
Surface Coating
Surface treatment
Web Page
Hossein Roghani-Mamaqani (PhD) Assistant Professor of Polymer Engineering Controlled/Living Radical polymerization
Polymerization reactions and kinetics study
Surface modification reactions
Grafting reactions on various substrates
New synthetic routes to macromolecules
Nanofiber manufacturing and applications
Nanocomposite, Nanohybrid, and Nanoparticle preparation
Smart polymers and nanocomposites
Web Page
  Mahdi Salami Hosseini (PhD) Assistant Professor of Polymer Engineering - Rheology of suspensions
- Modeling and simulations of Mixing and compounding
- Mechanism of dispersion
Web Page
Mehdi Salami-Kalajahi (PhD) Assistant Professor of Polymer Engineering Controlled Living Radical Polymerizations, Polymerization Modeling & Simulation, Preparation of Nanocomposites, Synthesis of pH-sensitive Polymers, Synthesis of Polyolefins
Web Page
Saeid Talebi (PhD) Assistant Professor of Polymer Engineering Web Page
  Arash Sarhanghifar (PhD Student)    
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